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Monte-Carlo Event Generator ExDiff

ExDiff processes (to be included to the generator)

Fig. 1 Amplitudes for exclusive diffractive processes: a) elastic scattering with Tel; b) general process of Central Exclusive Diffractive Production (CEDP) with central production born amplitude C and absorptive corrections Vin=V(s,b) and Vout=V(s',b). Versions of the CEDP Born amplitudes are: c) low mass resonance production; d) di-hadron production; e) high mass resonance production; f) high mass di-hadron production; g) di-jet production; h) nonperturbative photon-pomeron low mass resonance production; i) perturbative photon-pomeron high mass resonance production and j) high mass di-jet production. Possible additional corrections due to unitarization procedure are depicted as dotted ovals. In d) and f) it is possible to produce also di-bosons like gamma gamma, Z Z or W+ W- instead of di-hadrons h h.

Excluaive Diffractive PROcesses

ExDiff is a Monte Carlo event generator for simulation of Exclusive Diffractive processes in proton-proton collisions. The present version ExDiff v2.0 includes reactions:

  • elastic scattering p + p → p + p at 7, 8, 13, 14 TeV;
  • Central Exclusive Diffractive Production (CEDP) of low mass resonances, p + p → p + R + p,
    R = f0(1500), f0(1710), f2(1950) at 8 and 13 TeV, f2(1270) at 8 TeV, f2(2220) at 13 TeV.
  • Also some test files of Born distributions for CEDP of two pions, p + p → p + π+ π- + p, are added.

In the future versions many other processes of CEDP will be added.

The present version 2.0 is linked to Pythia 8.2 (to make resonance decays and hadronization) and also to ROOT and HEPMC output via Pythia 8.2 interface.

Other information on the investigations can be found on the web-page of the IHEP Diffractive Group


Source files for the latest version ExDiff v2.0. Since tables for models are rather big, you can also download the generator without them .


At this moment you can use documents

You can download also more old version of the generator. Processes implemented into ExDiff v1.0.2 : elastic p p scattering at 7, 8, 13, 14 TeV and CEDP of f2(1950) at 13 TeV, f0(1710) and f0(1500) at 13 TeV and 8 TeV.

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